All-new online platform The finance department presents entrepreneurs and their finance teams with a wealth of knowledge and resources to learn on demand and reduce expenses for professional advice


LONDON, 23 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – During their years in professional services, Asif Ahmed and Luc Farren, the entrepreneurs and co-founders behind The Financial Department (TFD) discovered that there was no way for entrepreneurs to instantly learn about key financial concepts that would impact their businesses. If they ever came across this information, it would lack context and nuance, ultimately leading to over-reliance on professional advisers. Therefore, they have designed an online content platform, with carefully selected contributors, resources and topics with the aim of bringing the whole community together on one platform as well as through activities LinkedIn and Instagram canals.

With its easy-to-access format and small size, all the knowledge you need is in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. Listen to a 5-minute podcast before a meeting to improve your knowledge, or get back to basics with an in-depth video brought to you by top finance professionals, all of whom have spent years advising high-growth companies. Information is tailored to the needs and accessibility of those who would benefit most from it.

TFD’s co-founders believe today’s finance professionals are working with an outdated learning and development model. Entrepreneurs need to be empowered by working with platforms that match their innovation and agility. Just like the founder Asif Ahmed comments: “There is no good reason why entrepreneurs should not have access to world-class financial information at a reasonable cost from the start.

Note to editor

About the Finance Department

The Financial Department (TFD) was created by Asif Ahmed and Luc Farren. Asif is a highly skilled finance professional who has worked with entrepreneurs throughout his career as an accountant. Having started his own businesses, he saw their world from both sides. Luc Farren is an expert in meticulous operations, bringing rigor, strategy and vision. Together, the founders of TFD have more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry.

TFD’s vision is simple: to create a community content platform that will change the way people access financial information, through exclusive, industry-leading online tools and resources. A service aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and their financial teams.


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