California Department of Finance Releases Cost of Recall Election


Following the certification of the recall petition, Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis announced that Tuesday, September 14 would be the date of the recall elections.

SACRAMENTO, Calif .– The cost of the upcoming California gubernatorial recall election has been finalized at $ 276 million, according to the State Finance Department.

Cost estimates released in early June 2021 totaled $ 215 million, but finance officials say that cost has increased following the adoption of Senate Bill 152, which speeds up the recall process by allowing lawmakers to skip the 30-day legislative review as long as they put money aside for counties to pay the costs of the election, according to a report by The Associated Press.

The initial estimate assumed that the election would take place on a regular election date. With SB 152, the updated county-by-county estimated cost for a special election was $ 243.6 million, plus $ 32.4 million for the Secretary of State’s office to hold the special election.

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Republicans across the state decried SB 152 – which passed party line votes – saying it essentially amounts to cheating. Democrats argued that the change would allow elections to proceed as soon as possible and allow as many voters as possible to participate.

“Any kid can tell you that changing the rules in the middle of a game is cheating,” Coven member Kevin Kiley (R – Dist. 6) told ABC10.

ABC10 political analyst Steve Swatt somewhat agreed with the GOP’s argument.

“Democrats, of course, would like to have it as soon as possible because they think the governor is now in a good position. And the longer you wait, the more things can get ugly,” Swatt said.

The progress of the elections potentially eliminates the possibility of a disaster, such as a massive forest fire, that could potentially influence voters. It could also backfire if Democratic voters are not motivated to engage in a special election.

After the cost of the recall was finalized by the Department of Finance, Secretary of State Shirley Weber also announced the certification of the recall petition.

This certification was then handed over to Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, who by law was required to set a date for the election “not less than 60 days nor more than 80 days” from July 1. Just before 2:30 p.m., Kounalakis announced this Tuesday, September 14 would be the date of the recall election.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer made the following statement on the announcement of the recall election date:

“People have spoken and this recall is taking place. This movement is fueled by Californians from all communities – Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I am ready to lead this recall and begin California’s comeback to clean our streets, reduce taxes on the middle class and reopening our schools. Change is coming for California and retirement is coming for Gavin Newsom. “

John Cox, who is also running for governor as a Republican, released a statement on the recall date:

“The fires are starting to rage, we’re still not sure schools will open on time, homelessness is out of control and taxes are way too high. We have electricity and water shortages; crime is out of control and the cost of housing and living, in general, is skyrocketing. Gavin Newsom will be recalled on September 14. Insiders and allies have done their best to manipulate the pretty boy governor’s election date, but that doesn’t matter. People are tired of corruption and run-down politicians. California needs big beast changes. A new day for California arrives September 14.

California Republican Party Chairman Jessica Millan Patterson issued the following statement on the recall date announcement:

“Shout out to California Democrats for manipulating their own recall rules. Now Californians just have to wait until September 14 to recall the worst governor in California history, Gavin Newsom.

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