Deep Sleep Finance Department


A 99-year-old retiree, Ghulam Hassan from Srinagar, currently bedridden and counting his days in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Srinagar, was seriously shocked by the treasury officer,
Saddar Treasury Srinagar by establishing a recovery in the amount of Rs. 4,43,504 against his family pension which he drew through JK Bank Residency Road empty PPO No .: 24870-F, simply due to a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of SRO: 138 dated: 25.4..2016.
The SRO was issued in good faith by the BJP / PDP government of the day to provide additional relief to retirees and family retirees over the age of 80 or older.
(mainly sick and bedridden). The possibility of taking advantage of the additional amount was allowed by both retirees and family retirees.
The pensioner named above, also under the approval of then-treasury officer Saddar Treasury Srinagar, remained to enjoy the facility of an additional amount of pension against his family pension until 8 / 2021.
when it was instead contested by the current Treasury agent, Saddar Treasury Srinagar, on the grounds that a family pensioner is not entitled to avail himself of this facility even if he is of the required age
if the original retiree is deceased.
In his view, the original pensioner should be alive regardless of whether a family pensioner only exists or arises when a particular pensioner has died.
The irony of the situation is that his idea / opinion is supported by a senior accountant of the accounts and treasury manager. Mushtaq Parray too.
As a result, the case was brought to the attention of LG on 22.9.2021 followed by reminders, its empty grievance cell N °: 999002390797 dt. : 22.9.2021, N °: 999002439090 dt. : 12.10.2021 & N °: 999002504427 dt.
9.11.2021, Commissioner Secretary Finance Department, Director Codes Finance Department, Director Accounts & Treasuries Haft Chinar Srinagar on 22.9.2021 followed by the recall on 12.10.2021 and
finally the finance commissioner, finance department, respected Atul Dullo on 8.11.2021.
“But because of the misfortune of the bedridden and hapless retiree”, he also turned a deaf ear to his suffering beyond his expectations / imagination.
Finally, the case was brought to the attention of the chief secretary of the UT government of J&K on 29.11.2021. It is perhaps not out of place to mention that said SRO is very clear, explicit and
without any ambiguity or doubt with regard to its part of application but has unfortunately been misunderstood and subsequently misinterpreted and therefore the resumption quite against the spirit of the
SRO declared against the above-named family retiree.
Despite the lapse of more than two months, nothing seems to have materialized in favor or against the retiree simply because he has no access or no political formation to assert his real grievance.
rectified outlining the government’s demand to provide prompt and transparent redress to the grievances of the general public.


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