Finance Department failed Bill Company for ‘right of way’ permits, cost city $ 46,000


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Investigators, however, found that the Finance Department did not charge any company $ 46,660 in fees due to “inappropriate billing practices,” according to the report.

“Right of way” permits are issued for driveways and curbs; street closures for cranes, scaffolding, dumpsters or moving trucks; and the installation or repair of utilities.

A second company received “right of way” permits that lasted only two weeks, although the typical permit term is a full year, according to the report.

A DOT official told investigators they believe the company has a one-time 20-year agreement with the city that caps “costs at two weeks per permit, regardless of the actual length of the permit,” according to the report. Such an agreement does not exist, investigators determined.

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The Office of Inspector General found that in five of the 19 cases, the company completed the work in less than 14 days but still paid for a two-week permit. A company executive admitted that no special arrangement existed with the city, but asked for a memorandum of understanding to formalize such an agreement.

“The DOT has met with the Department of Finance responsible for passing invoices to the vendors mentioned in your investigation,” Griffin wrote.

In a response letter, Laetitia Griffin, DOT’s administrative assistant, wrote that the agency would meet with the legal department to draft an agreement with the second company.

Finance Department Assistant Yoanna X. Moisides wrote a separate letter stating that the agency’s Accounting and Payroll Services Office was not aware of any billing issues because an accounting assistant was not aware of any billing issues. been informed of the work by the DOT. Billing information is usually sent by email.

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“Management was not aware of any late billing and our records show no DOT emails that were not billed,” Moisides wrote.

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  • Finance Department failed Bill Company for ‘right of way’ permits, cost city $ 46,000
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