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As schools were given the green light to reopen for face-to-face learning on Monday, Romario Stewart, political chairman of the Jamaican Labor Party’s Generation 2000 (G2K) professional affiliate youth group, advocates for the inclusion of literacy financial in high school programs. .

Stewart, who has a passion for money management as it influenced his foray into the world of investment banking, said The gleaner Wednesday that financial literacy should be a compulsory course for young people.

He remembers his interest being piqued while reading the 1997 book Rich daddy, poor daddy, written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, given to him by his stepfather.

The book taught him “that the only way to build wealth is to invest and develop passive income by investing, whether through real estate, a business, or paper assets such as actions, ”he said.

This knowledge led him to get involved in the stock market.

Stewart went on to win a stock trading competition at the University of the West Indies, which led to a finance internship at Sagicor Investments.

After this apprenticeship at Sagicor, Stewart realized that he wanted to be an investment banker.

Currently, Stewart is an Associate Director in the Capital Markets unit of VM Wealth.

“Financial literacy has helped me achieve upward social mobility. As a young man who grew up in Seaview Gardens through education and financial literacy, [I] was able to get me out of this community, ”he remarked.

Viewing financial literacy as a tool to alleviate poverty and reduce social inequalities, Stewart said G2K is preparing to introduce the course to dozens of schools as a subject by March 2022.

Twitter spaces

The first formal introduction of the project will take place through discussions hosted on the social media site Twitter via the Twitter Spaces feature. This forum will bring together stakeholders to discuss the value of the paradigm shift for the next generation.

Stewart said The gleaner that G2K hopes to engage young professionals, financial influencers, the America Bankers Association, the Jamaica Private Sector Organization, the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and other interested individuals or groups to provide guidance to the Ministry of Education to make dreams come true.

The project will initially target 40 secondary schools across the island.

“We live in a society where most Jamaicans are not exposed to this type of knowledge, and this lack of knowledge on how to build wealth and maintain good finances is one of the main contributors to the lawsuit. cycle of poverty, ”said Stewart.

He further stated that G2K expects the initiative to have a ripple effect on the economy in the long run.

The course content is expected to be delivered online, which will also improve digital literacy. They also propose that the assessments be done through gamification, which will not only engage and interest students, but also assess their critical thinking skills.

Stewart says G2K believes it is the organization’s responsibility to play a role in ensuring that “the next generation is well equipped with the skills to transform Jamaica into a place of choice to live, work, raise families and to do business”.

“Once a topic like this is properly presented and delivered in innovative ways, I believe it will be well received by students, parents and teachers in the education system,” said Stewart.



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