Register for the new NHPA Financial Management course by January 6


Looking to gain a better understanding of expense control, budgeting, benchmarking and more? The deadline to apply to North American Hardware and Paint AssociationThe next Financial Management Cohort Course from (NHPA) is January 6. Or, start now with the flexible option and at your own pace.

NHPA’s New Online Financial Management Course is the Latest Foundations of Leadership Program and provides key team members and their mentors with a comprehensive understanding of the income statement and:

  • How to control spending
  • How to Boost Sales and Components of the Income Equation
  • How to increase the productivity of your sales area, your employees and your inventory.

The program is based on the NHPA Study on the cost of doing business and covers the financial fundamentals any manager, deputy director or key development employee needs to take their business to the next level.

“Your store becomes their laboratory as students learn how to increase their retail sales, profits and productivity,” says Scott Wright, executive director of advanced retail training programs at NHPA.

As part of the nine-week course, students will complete an assessment of their business where they will apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to solve a problem or capitalize on a missed opportunity in the business.

Register before January 6

Click here to learn more about the Financial Management course and Foundations of Leadership program. Or contact Scott Wright at or 317-441-4136.

About the Foundations of Leadership program

Foundations of leadership is a college-level online leadership development program designed to accommodate students’ busy schedules and features collaborative online learning with instructors and other students. This industry-specific program was designed with input from leading independent home improvement retailers to meet the needs of key employees in the home improvement industry.


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