Sharjah’s finance department launches direct payment platform

Sharjah 24: In line with the emirate’s digital transformation strategy, the Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) recently launched a direct payment platform, which allows citizens and residents to pay fees for a range of public and private services through a fast and secure digital platform.
This platform allows the customer to choose the appropriate service and digital payment method and get the service immediately, by entering only simple data such as customer name, mobile phone number and email, then pay the required service charge.

Huda Al Yasi, director of the financial system department of SFD, confirmed that the launch of the direct payment platform is in line with the approach of excellence and innovation adopted by the SFD and wishes to use in the systems and digital programs that give government and private agencies greater flexibility in collecting fees for their services and transactions.

She stressed that the department has become a regional and global leader in innovative financial technologies, which are characterized by speed, efficiency and security, and ensure the availability of service 24 hours a day and from anywhere, which helps to increase customer satisfaction and improve the position of the Emirate of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates in the field of digital transformation.


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