Stony Point voters stop sale of controversial Patriot Hills golf course


Stony Point voters were successful in stopping the sale of a controversial golf course.

The decision to stop the sale of the Patriot Hills golf course was put to a vote in Tuesday night’s election.

With the deal destroyed, the city must now decide what to do with a property it says costs $ 1.3 million to subsidize each year.

“We will need to work together and have a plan for how we are going to fund the necessary improvements to both the Old Letchworth property and the Patriot Hills Golf Course,” said City Supervisor Jim Monaghan.

Years ago a consultant came in and offered the town options for ownership, including selling the Old Letchworth buildings separately.

Other ideas suggested include the management of the property by a private company or the creation of a community land trust – all ideas that the city supervisor, Jim Monaghan, says they will reconsider, as well as the creation of a committee to assess their options.

“I don’t want this to be a one-sided group, I want people who have objections to the sale,” Monaghan says.

Even if the city does not keep this promise, residents are already planning their next swing.

“2,018 people want to keep this land. I think it’s our responsibility to create the dialogue about what they want to do, ”says Greg Julian, who is leading the charge that ended the sale of the golf course.


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